Hiking, Camping, Adventure – Essential Gear Guide

One of the best things about heading out for adventure is the gear. Whether you’re mountain bike riding, kayaking, climbing or caving outdoor gear is part of the experience. In this article I take a look at adventure gadget essentials.

Gear is part of the fun

Some of us enjoy a living off the land with nothing more than a stick, however I think most of us consider gadgets part of the adventure. Whether it’s a GPS to find out where you’re going or a sophisticated self regulating head torch to see at night, to me adventure includes gear.

Here some gear I consider essential

Getting around

No matter what the activity I think having a GPS, map and compass is all part of the fun. While navigation can easily be done with just a compass and map alone, logging and tracking your trip with a GPS and reviewing it later is really cool. A GPS also doubles as a sanity check when you think you might be getting off track. Continue reading